Dates: July 13-22

Goals of the Trip:

  1. To glorify God through obedience to his call to take the gospel to all people
  2. To help our partner in their work among the unreached people groups in Indonesia
  3. To see firsthand international mission work and how God is working in other cultures
  4. To equip us to be better missionaries back home in our own context

Trip Overview

The country we are going to is an archipelago located in Southeast Asia, just north of Australia. It is made up of 17,500 islands. It is the 4th most populous nation in the world with roughly 240 million people. It is estimated that only 11 percent of people would consider themselves to be Christian. The majority of the people would identify as Muslim. On the remote islands we will be visiting, most have no Christians and many of the people have never met a Westerner before.

On the trip, you will have the chance to engage unreached and unengaged people groups with the good news, and learn more about ministry in remote island areas like this. You can also see the variety of ways that long term missionaries are seeking to engage the people of Indonesia through businesses, community development, and partnering with like-minded national and international sending organizations.

General Schedule

The first three days will be spent in a relatively large coastal town where our partners live. During those days we will learn about the culture, get to know the partner family and explore the area including cliff jumping, hiking and scuba diving.

Next, we will spend about four days out in a more remote area or island with a national translator staying in the houses of locals. During these days, we will stay with locals in their villages, while getting to know them and finding out their interest in the gospel.

Finally, we will spend a couple days debriefing back with the partner family in their hometown.

Trip Cost:

Total Cost                 $2299
Emmaus Subsidy    -$300 (Emmaus Members only)
Final Trip Cost         $1999

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